Presbytery Elections 2019

Nominations are needed for the following positions:
(Click on a position name to see more information and submit a nomination. Once your nomination has been completed, you will need to print the nomination form which will be prepared with the relevant details, have it signed by the nominator and nominee, and posted to reach the Presbytery Secretary, PO Box 4308, Balwyn East 3103; or scan your signed form and email to, no later than 4pm on Tuesday 13th November 2018.)

Please read the following information in preparation for submitting a nomination:
Call for nominations
Instructions for electronic nominating process

Presbytery Officers

Presbytery Treasurer (2-year term)

Committee Chairpersons

Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee Chairperson

Presbytery Resourcing Committee Chairperson

Presbytery Ministry Formation Committee Chairperson

Presbytery Nominations Committee Chairperson

Presbytery Lay Preachers Committee Chairperson

Committee Membership

Presbytery Standing Committee [6 positions available]

Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee [8 positions available]

Presbytery Resourcing Committee [12 positions available]

Presbytery Ministry Formation Committee [12 positions available]

Presbytery Nominations Committee [2 positions available]

Presbytery Lay Preachers Committee [2 lay members of presbytery]
[2 ordained members of presbytery]

Presbytery Membership

Co-opted members of Presbytery

Working Group Convenors

Consultations Advisory Working Group Convenor

Mental Health Ministries Working Group Convenor

Tertiary Ministries Working Group Convenor

Community Services Forum Convenor

For the following positions, please submit a nomination using the printable form.

Presbytery Membership

Accredited Lay Preachers appointed to Presbytery
[2 positions available]

Appointments to other bodies

Presbytery Lay Representative to Synod Placements Committee

Presbytery Representative to Synod Lay Preachers Association – Committee of Management

Presbytery Liaison to Ecumenical Relations Committee