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Sunday 14th June 2020 at 2:30 pm

Induction of Rev Jinseon Park at Mooroolbark

Please note that due to the current restrictions on large gatherings, this service will be conducted as a video-conference using Zoom. To join and participate in the service you will need to have a computer or mobile device, or if this is not an option you will be able to join with audio only using a regular telephone.

To join the service, click on this link, or join a Zoom meeting using meeting id 894 5077 2422 and password 650759

You may click here to display and, optionally, download a copy of the Order of Service.

Many people will have Zoom installed already, but if you feel the need for assistance in setting up your computer, you can download some simple instructions here. We recommend that you join a “test” meeting to set up your computer beforehand by using this Zoom Test Meeting link.

Please plan to join the link a few minutes before the start time to avoid a flurry of activity if many people attempt to join the service at the last moment. The link will be active from approximately 15 minutes before the start time.

If you wish to join by telephone, call 03 7018 2005 and use the meeting id and password above to respond to the prompts using the information in the confirmation email you will receive.

Hints for making a more comfortable online service experience:

  • Note that all participants will be muted by default on entering the service.
  • Please ensure that you have located the Mute/Unmute button so that you can use it when appropriate.
  • You can also use Stop Video if you wish to temporarily stop showing your image to the other participants.
  • Learn about “Speaker View” and “Gallery View”.
    • “Speaker View” highlights the current speaker, which is probably appropriate when the activity is focussed on one person;
    • “Gallery View” shows you a matrix of small images of all participants. The number of images will depend on the size of your screen.
    • These options are not available if you are using a mobile phone device (iPhone, Samsung phone).
  • Zoom has a video preview option that shows how you’ll look before entering a call. You may want to check that the image you display is appropriate – for example, that it does not show only the top of your head, an enlarged view of your nose, etc, or that there is not a bright light immediately behind you.
  • If you are on a mobile device, make sure the battery is well-charged, as extended video use can have an impact on power usage.